About Durham Business Group

To start, a bit of history………..  this page is a bit wordy but stick with it; it sets the scene and it’ll give you the basis for understanding the rest of the website!

Durham Small Business Club, as it was then, began life back in 1981 and was set up by a very enterprising guy called Tom Moffat whose aim was to get local businesses together to support each other and, where necessary, to lobby local and central government on business issues.

Being the kind of guy he is, Tom was determined that the Business Club would be completely independent and not rely on grant funding so, by 1983, the club had became an incorporated company and begun to operate a small training company specialising in, what was then, the early predecessors to the current apprenticeship programmes.   Running a small business as part of the business club meant that not only could profits be invested into the club to subsidise the membership subscription but it also allowed the club to employ staff to run it and, by having to run a business as well, to make sure those people completely understood what  that actually meant!

That ethos has stood us in good stead over the years and whilst the support businesses we’ve run over that time have gone through all the trials, tribulations and dizzy heights experienced by any established business, the Business Club has flourished through it all and today is one of the key business organisations in the region.  That is in no small way because of what it is, an organisation run by business people for business people and all with one major passion, to help not only their own but other businesses in the region, flourish.

In more recent times (2010 to be exact) the Board of Directors decided to re-structure the organisation to give our business ventures a little more visibility and Durham Business Group was the result.  The Group today is made up of Durham Business Club, still our reason for being, Durham Office Services and The Executive Group.  Although over the years we’ve changed the name, and the business we run is completely different, the set up, ethos and values are still the same.

We’re a not for profit, social enterprise, owned by our members.   We have a great board of directors who are elected representatives of those members and who give their time freely and willingly to provide the direction and expertise we need.  We’re run on a day to day basis by a small team of  the most amazing staff and then there’s our little band of focus group members who support us with feedback and ideas to make sure we’re staying on track and delivering what the members actually want.