Durham Business Group has eight non-executive directors who oversee the focus and direction of the organisation, and help providing the expertise needed to run the business successfully.

Directors are elected for a three-year term, and a third of the board retire each year at the AGM. If they’re particularly good we try and twist their arms to stand again for re-election! Between AGMs, individuals may be co-opted on to the board to provide additional expertise, but they are required to stand for election at the next AGM should their presence be needed longer term.

The current board members are:


Bryan Hoare (Chairman) – Room 501 Publishing

Philip Murray

Philip Murray – Harlands Accountants


Samantha Doyle – Sodexo


Alistair Smith – Gordon Brown Law Firm


John Scheel –Positive Solutions

Richard Carter – Peacock Carter

Graham Soult –

Graham Robson – Business Doctors