DBC ‘Contesting a Will’ with EMG Solicitors @ Ramside Hall Hotel

October 10. 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Join us for one of our more informative events, sponsored by EMG Solicitors.

Ursula Collie, a specialist in probate disputes at EMG Solicitors, will host a seminar, giving a brief overview of the fascinating world of disputed Wills.

Disputes between families over a deceased relative’s estate can be among the most bitter and entrenched that any of us may ever come across. Often the causes of animosity go back generations.

The seminar will focus on ways in which such problems can arise and how to respond if it looks as though a dispute may be brewing, as well as a quick look at some recent cases.

Free to DBC Members

£10 Non Members (max. 2 visits)