Business Services & Support

Root Cause Consultancy

Root Cause Consultancy works with people, improving process and profitability. People are the fundamental part in any organisation and should have self awareness of their impact in their role, especially in leadership teams.

i3 profiling is a tool to identify the unique strengths of each member of your team to increase the productivity and success. At Root Cause Consultancy, we specialise in i3 profiling to support clients in their efforts to grow the business.

An i3 profiling assessment can be completed online in 15-20 minutes, with feedback provided on a one to one basis with personal awareness effects that can last a lifetime.

Give us a call to discuss how we may be able to help you or visit the website for more information.

Scale-up North East

Scaleup North East was established to support companies growing or with the potential to grow, at speed.  In these challenging economic times, we have broadened our reach and offer to help companies to navigate the challenging economic circumstances. This is the only programme of its kind and matches you with a Scale-Up Partner who has vast experience of scaling their own company at a senior level – your own dragon. 

SP Data Services

SP Data Services Ltd are South Shields based helping businesses organise, share and visualise data.

Organised data services include:

Relational database design
Data migration into a relational database
Data standardisation

Shared data services include:

Business specific applications
Access/security control
Data exports

Visualised data services include:

Management dashboards
Business Intelligence reporting

Stalemate Ltd

Stalemate helps organisations maximise profits and efficiencies. After we’ve gone, clients get:

1) more profit from new or improved service offers to their customers

2) more efficiencies from improved processes in delivery of services to their customers

This is because people will be left working more effectively and with more enthusiasm on situations that currently feel a bit stagnant, sticky or unclear. During our period of work, we use various methods to help all of the various stakeholders feel lighter about a situation, see more available options, feel brighter about the way forward and get clearer on the actions they need to take.

There are thousands of consultancies out there providing a similar overall service, but our approach and methods are very different, which lead to more innovative, creative and tailored results and agreed concrete action plans of how to go forward.

Using experience in sales, teaching (especially kids with behavioural barriers), multi-million construction project management in central London and NHS digital change management to plan events, sessions and programmes of playful activities which help people see a stalemate situation from different perspectives. We use a plethora of tools and methods to:

1) identify intangible concepts and forces affecting a situation right now

2) and apply metaphors to transform them into tangible, concrete issues

3) which can then be addressed with a clear action plan

Stalemate can also use the method of Lego Serious Play, as they are a certified facilitator. It truly is astounding what clear and creative plans can come from posing simple questions and having people answer it by physically building models and describing them with metaphorical stories. You can never be disappointed with the utility and creativity of what comes out of one of these sessions.

A few examples of types of service we can use as the vehicle for achieving clients’ outcomes are:

Change Management
Value Needs Analysis
Conflict Resolution
Stakeholder Management
Performance Management
Gap analysis planning
Programme planning and management

Supply Chain North East

Supply Chain North East Empowers North East businesses to diversify their offering, expand their customer base and unlock untapped opportunities in new markets.

Delivered by RTC North – this is a fully funded programme of business support that includes 121 advice, business grants and themed business improvement work programmes

TEDCO Business Support are a team of experienced, passionate and driven business support experts with a clear mission – to help enterprising individuals start and grow companies.

Having helped more than 2,000 businesses to start up in the last three years, we have a proven track record for delivering outstanding business support.


The Tax Faculty LLP

We are HMRC Investigations & Enquiry experts who specialise in complex tax issues and serious fraud investigations conducted by HMRC, with extensive experience in resolving disputes with HMRC for our clients.

We understand and appreciate that not everyone who has a tax issue knows who they should turn to for advice.  Our aim is to ensure that every client has their needs met and prioritised by the right expert at the right time.

We help individual clients, businesses, companies to resolve their tax problems, as well as assisting private practices in helping their clients with complex HMRC contact.

Think Kudos

“Kudos Commercial Finance is an independent and FCA-regulated commercial finance brokerage providing a friendly and professional approach towards sourcing the most suitable funding facilities for your business.

Our strong asset-based lending background ensures that we can apply our expertise and knowledge of the commercial finance market to align your needs with the products and finance providers that will be the best fit for your business, saving you time and effort in the process.”

UMi Commercial Ltd

UMi take the hard work out of finding and using the best information, expertise and finance for businesses.  We know that businesses are more than just bricks and mortar, or numbers on a spreadsheet. They’re powered by people.  We’re here to guide those people.  With a team of savvy business experts, we translate the most complex information, expertise and finance in a way that’s easy to understand and use.