Durham Wildlife Trust

Durham Wildlife Trust

Durham Wildlife Trust is an independent charity and limited company that was established in 1971, originally as the Durham County Conservation Trust, becoming Durham Wildlife Trust is 1988.

Across County Durham, Darlington, Gateshead, South Tyneside and Sunderland, no one is working harder to protect our wildlife for future generations.


IoSCM is the first international institute to represent the interests of the wider supply chain. Our aim is to improve the industry by setting standards and promoting best practice through high-quality training and qualifications.

Dedicated to supporting and developing individuals, businesses and the profession as a whole, IoSCM offer a range of services and products with the main aim of creating a better future for the supply chain and those who work within it.

Multiply, Durham Learn

If you are aged 19 or over, the Multiply programme will offer you the chance to boost your confidence in maths through a wide range of short and fun activities.

Do you:

have a fear of maths?

feel like you can't do maths?

feel like maths gets in the way of being able to take part in activities, education or employment opportunities?

feel like maths stops you from keeping up with the kids or being able to help with homework?

struggle to manage your budget, especially as the cost of living rises?

Our 'Multiply' programme is here to help you.

The programme is run in partnership with local schools, employers, voluntary and community sector organisations, charities, colleges and training providers. We also have a team of Multiply Champions based in the community who we can't wait to introduce you to.