Durham Business Club 2018 summer social on the Prince Bishops River Cruiser in Durham

The values that make Durham Business Group different

“None of us is as smart as all of us”

It’s only right that people often ask us “Why would I want to become a member of Durham Business Club?”, “Why would I choose to use your virtual office services?”, or “What can you offer that others don’t?”

After all, those are the kinds of questions that our members and client businesses answer all the time, as they themselves seek to win over new customers.

Whilst there’s no shortage of other respected business organisations in the region – and other companies offering meeting room hire or telephone answering, too – we just focus on being the best we can at what we do, informed by our mantra that “None of us is as smart as all of us”, and by the core values, below, that have always defined us.

What we are proud to be

We are informal

Sales pitches and referrals have their place in business networking, but they’re certainly not for everyone.

Our Durham Business Club events are deliberately informal, friendly and relaxed – and that warmth in the way we conduct ourselves, and encourage our members to act, underpins our Durham Office Services, too.

We are supportive

Maybe you lack confidence in networking. Perhaps you need help with an aspect of your company’s work. Or maybe our virtual office services can help take some of the pressure off your business.

Whatever you need, it’s our job to always do our best to help, or point you in the direction of a Durham Business Club Member who can.

We share knowledge

A network isn’t just about the people in it – it’s about all the things you do and achieve together.

Having built great connections across the region, we use those links to deliver inspiring and informative speakers at our events, or to share useful updates via our newsletter and social media.

We build trust

Our Durham Office Services clients trust us, when we answer the phone on their behalf, to be a friendly and professional voice for their brand.

Our members trust us to always be on their side, and to champion what they do.

And, in turn, we promote trust, nurtured over time, as the foundation on which we believe all great business relationships are built.

We foster relationships

Strong and productive relationships happen off the back of all those other things we’ve mentioned: being friendly and approachable; being supportive; helping each other; and building trust.

We’ve spent over 35 years doing all those things, and encouraging our members and clients to embrace them too – and we’ve seen just how well it works.

Whether it’s holding our monthly Club meetings at fantastic member venues across the region, connecting business people who can help each other, or organising joint events with other organisations in the North East, we always have an eye on the opportunities that come from working together.

It really is the case that “None of us is as smart as all of us”.