'A Vaccine for Your Business' with 'The Other' Michael Jackson

DBC ‘A Vaccine for your Business’ with ‘The Other’ Michael Jackson

March 9, 2021. 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm

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Once again we invite you to pull up a virtual chair on our Remo tables, we’re very excited to introduce international guest speaker and Global Conference expert ‘The Other’ Michael Jackson

‘Your business needs a shot in the arm as much as you, to allow you to successfully survive and emerge from the current pandemic.

As a specialist speaker on change and strategic disruption, dealing with businesses globally, Michael Jackson will share his thoughts on what we need to do to regain control of our circumstances. Preparing for an immediate future, he believes, is better than trying to predict one.’

For a smooth experience on the day, it’s worth getting set up and registering with Remo in advance, follow the links above or on the confirmation email. where you’ll find instructions and tips, the waiting room will be open from 2.30 pm where we can try and help with any technical issues.

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