Regional Project offers Expert Advice for Small Businesses in the North East

Published by Alison Gittins

Are you a business owner wanting to access skills to put your ideas into action?

If so, we’d like to talk to you about CAPTURED, an innovative programme to help you to develop your business.

We know that as a small business owner you are likely to have drive, determination, vision and courage in abundance. We know you work incredibly hard. Sage, the region’s only FTSE 100 Company and a supporter of CAPTURED, estimate that some owners of firms like yours have a working week exceeding 70 hours. We know that nothing – well almost nothing – will hold you back. If anything will, it’s likely to be that you lack skills and experience across the full range of business disciplines.

CAPTURED will help you explore different routes to managing and developing your business and enable you to access experienced managers from larger regional businesses to assist you in putting your plans into practice.

CAPTURED works on the principle that the best advice for business comes from other experienced business people. And, critically, it’s about giving you access to business support and guidance that is not commercially available, but is based on decades of management experience.

Bringing in specific expertise can be challenging and expensive. It also assumes that you have the knowledge needed to make decisions on what is appropriate and valuable. CAPTURED offers access to resources – experience, expertise, and knowledge – that are not commercially available (and you probably won’t bump into through your existing networks).

How does CAPTURED work?

CAPTURED brings you together with experienced managers working in some of the region’s larger private sector businesses and other ‘anchor institutions’ in a structured, nurturing, dynamic and learning environment.

Places are limited, but if accepted on to the programme, you would take part in an initial half-day facilitated workshop with other small business owners and identify key areas of your business you want to lead or manage more effectively. Then, over a further two half-day facilitated workshops you would work with managers from larger regional organisations as your ‘extended management team’ to move towards your goal.

We know you are busy. CAPTURED is not time away from your business – it is time dedicated to making those hours more productive.

Over the three workshops we’ll review progress, share challenges and successes and look to bring in specialists to address some of the key challenges.

Register your interest here  or for further information please contact:

Angela Craggs, Captured Project Coordinator ( or visit our website

To be eligible you must run and manage a business with fewer than 20 employees. Your business can be in any sector, anywhere in the North East.