City of Durham Parish Council hires retail guru and DBG vice-chairman Graham Soult to support city centre businesses through COVID-19 and beyond

Published by Alison Gittins

 The City of Durham Parish Council has contracted the services of award-winning North East retail consultant Graham Soult to support local businesses through the difficulties of COVID-19 and to give city centre businesses a boost.

Described on BBC Look North as “the region’s best-known retail expert”, and by ITV as “a North East Mary Portas”, Graham Soult is a High Streets Task Force Expert, retail consultant, blogger and media commentator, as well as the vice-chairman of Durham Business Group. Graham is regularly ranked as one of the top retail experts in the UK and his recent work in County Durham has seen major improvements and increased footfall to Chester-le-Street Front Street.

Graham will primarily be working with local businesses in Durham City over the coming weeks and months to help them set up and improve their online presence and operations; a vital step to help businesses survive whilst the lockdown measures introduced by the Government in a bid to tackle the spread of COVID-19 are in place.

Added to this, Graham will also be promoting independent retailers in the city, and working with the Parish Council to help secure a variety of new retail and leisure occupants for empty business units.

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