FREE CRM Workshop with Root Cause Consultancy – 5th & 12th April 2022

Published by Alison Gittins

The free SME workshops are for business owners or team leaders who are considering setting up CRM database functionality.

The sessions will discuss and help design the CRM processes and functionality.

Held on 5th April and 12th April both start at 9:30 am, to take place at Durham Business Group HQ, Portland House.


The workshop sessions will allow business or team leaders to develop their understanding before considering CRM as a tool they can use.

The workshop sessions are designed for a basic understanding of how CRM systems can benefit businesses.
To make sure the reason for embedding them in the core business processes are thought through.
Talk through why members of the business team(s) should be involved in system/process changes.
Both sessions are 3-hours long.  BOOK BOTH SESSIONS.

And the content has been designed to inform rather than train.

The delegates are limited to 10-businesses; represented by the business owners or team leaders.

Maximum of 2-delegates from one business.



This session will introduce the CRM functionality in context with its purpose inside your business. Its impact on existing marketing and sales processes and your team(s) activities.

Overview of Business Process & Roles
Key Questions
How easy are you to do business with?
How easy are you to work for?
Overview of the HubSpot Flywheel
Structuring Contact & Company Record Data
Contact List Management & Uses


The session will focus on managing the quotes functionality and progressing enquiries through a pipeline until the ‘deal’ is concluded. It will take a brief look at the many ways to extract management information that is kept in real-time.

Activity Management – Email & Task Reminders/Alerts
Email Marketing Basics
Sales Pipeline Management
Creating Quotes & Reviewing Deal Management
Considering More Functionality Through Integration
What Could Be Your Next Steps?
Other group or bespoke workshops are available to support businesses, who decide to develop CRM processes to support their marketing, sales and contract activities more effectively.

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