Digital Marketing – Decoded

November 25, 2014. 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

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Digital marketingDigital Marketing enables your business to reach a far greater audience more quickly and cheaply than ever before.  Dolezal Consulting brings you a half-day workshop designed to ‘decode’ the jargon: what it means, how it works together, how you can use it to grow your own business.

In this half-day workshop includes:

Welcome to the Digital Marketing Landscape

If you are going to navigate your way through the landscape, then you’ll need a map.  This session introduces the digital marketing landscape and explains how the various tools, tactics and territories interconnect.

Search Engine Optimisation and What Recent Changes Mean for You

Your website is one of your main weapons of attraction and where your best content should live, but if you can’t be found… how can you hope to win customers?  Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm has marketers in a spin, but this session explains how to attract customers to your website and gain their trust, as well as Google’s.

Digital Marketing Tactics and How they Work with Each Other

There are a variety of paid and free digital marketing tactics at your disposal, but which to chose?  This session will introduce Pay Per Click & Online Advertising, Social Media, Email and Mobile Marketing – all great tools for customer acquisition and retention – low or no cost options and alternatives to print, exhibitions and direct marketing.

What Googles Analytics is Trying to Tell You

The great thing about digital marketing is the metrics.  It’s now easier than ever to see how effective your online marketing activities are.  Google Analytics and marketing metrics may be new to you, so this session will guide you through web analytics and other data sources to better understand website visitor characteristics and behaviour. You will understand the most important and appropriate metrics and how to use them improve your digital activities.

This half-day session aims to give you a clear understanding of how Digital Marketing fits in with your website and current marketing activities, as well as being an excellent introduction to the later workshops on Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing and Social Media.

Please feel free to bring your laptops, iPads and any other devices on the day.


1/2 day session with refreshments and buffet lunch – £80
Durham Business Club member / Durham Office Services client – £72
Prices are exclusive of VAT

Interested in attending multiple sessions – special discounts available – Contact Jessica on 0191 3755700

Presenter – Joanne Dolezal, Dolezal Consulting

Joanne Dolezal

Joanne Dolezal is lead consultant at Dolezal Consulting and a lecturer in Digital Marketing at NESMA, helping to deliver programmes for Digital Marketing Institute and Chartered Institute of Marketing.  Joanne holds an MA Marketing and Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing.  Joanne has worked across the public sector, private sector and with charities on marketing, branding and communications.

Dolezal Consulting provides marketing driven business growth using an improved strategic focus, a clear marketing plan and delivery through the best possible channels for your business and budget.

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